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Monday Night Shorts at The Joint: FLIPBOOK Animation Film Festival

  • The Joint Theater & Coffeehouse 301 Main Street North Little Rock, AR, 72114 United States (map)

FLIPBOOK features 23 animated films from 11 different countries from around the world. Come experience an array of stories and animation styles that will leave you amazed.

Don't miss the November Edition of MONDAY NIGHT SHORTS AT THE JOINT!

WHEN: Monday, November 28 at 7:30 pm
WHERE: The Joint Theater and Coffeehouse
PRICE: $8 in advance or at the door

The following short films will be screening:

Directed by Sabrina Chaney | 02:08 | United States
A young artist, dissatisfied with her efforts to draw, opens a portal that absorbs her within the pages of her sketchbook.

The Bell of Montebello
Directed by Fernando Ferreira Garróz | 04:35 | Brazil

On Christmas day, the toll of the bell up in the Montebello's church's majestic tower evokes many memories in the mind of a man, specially memories of a woman, Gina. Adapted from a short story by R. F. Lucchetti, master of Brazilian pulp fiction and horror.

A Bumpy Ride
Directed by Chang Shu | 02:08 | United States
A small girl tries to get onto a roller coaster with a height requirement.

Cut to Bliss: Force of Fashion
Directed by Mori Wu | 02:02 | China

An abstract motion graphic film of vignettes that explore fashion as a way to express female empowerment.  Rather than telling a narrative story, reconstructing the modern female fashion history as geometric thought-provoking visual impact, abstracting the sensitive emotions into unique animation shifts are my distinctive visual language to convey the concept, in the meanwhile, encouraging the viewer to add their own observations.

The Day Truffaut Died
Directed by John Akre | 03:39 | United States
On the day that filmmaker Francois Truffaut died, I was a model for a Retinal Photography class.

Directed by Shiyuan Guo | 01:29 | Canada
An anti-Utopian dream about human future life. Every day, the girl departs from different places. The reality is she just living in her mind and never leaves. There can be no 'virtual reality' as whatever we experience is reality to us. Any virtual reality introduced to us simply becomes the new reality.

Directed by Stav Levi | 04:20 | Israel
A man decides to separate from his head.  Unfortunately, his decision has dire consequences.

I Am Not a Mouse
Directed by Evgenia Golubeva | 02:01 | United Kingdom
Every time Lucy is called 'Mouse' by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! What is Lucy going to do?

Imaginary Novels Volume 1
Directed by Nancy Gifford | 08:49 | United States
An HD art video showcasing six novels, this digital format of poetic storytelling inspires viewers to rediscover great literature.

Intangible Body
Directed by Emelie Mahdavian | 02:45 | United States
This experimental film explores censorship of Iranian women’s dance performance and what constitutes a woman’s ”body” in the digital age. Given that women "dancing" in public is illegal in Iran today -- and even animated movies are censored -- we set out to play with the edge of what constitutes a body, a dance, or an Iranian woman.

Juan and The Cloud
Directed by Giovanni Maccelli | 15:00 | Spain
Juan is a child who doesn’t have any friends. La Nube is a cloud who doesn’t have any cloud friends. They find each other and become friends. However, Juan grows up and gets lost in the grey adult world.

Killer Recipe
Directed by Chadwick Whitehead | 03:50 | United States
An avocado inadvertently invents tortilla chips that want to eat him. His tomato friend helps him destroy the menace and he learns to appreciate nature. But wait... 

Let's Catch a Movie
Directed by Emma Penaz Eisner | 01:20 | United States
When everyone in town scrambles to catch a movie, she desperately reels away!  Zippy and colorful, this animated comedy introduces a host of zany characters.

The Most Exciting Thing
Directed by Eva Münnich | 03:33 | Germany
Music video science-fiction adventure set in Victorian times. Alien slime transforms people into monsters and there´s a space whale.

My Life I Don't Want
Directed by Nyan Kyal Say | 11:54 | Myanmar
A short animated film about the life of a Myanmar girl inspired by the true stories.

Directed by Liam Harris | 10:00 | United Kingdom
Hamish Fint, a crotchety old man used to a life of seclusion inside his submarine balanced precariously atop a mountain, struggles to maintain equilibrium when an unwelcome visiting seagull rocks his world.

Rabbit Blood
Directed by Yagmur Altan | 04:36 | Turkey              
Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country house where its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea.

Revolutionary Rabbit
Co-Directed by Yu-Nien Chien and Soobum Park | 02:25 | United States
"Revolutionary Rabbit" is an 3D Animation pieces that introduce the idea of a young rabbit try to bring back the nature to the concrete city.

Directed by David Chontos | 03:58 | United States
Part exercise of passion, and part love letter, ‘Sisters’ is a fragment of some lost, tragic opera.  Trapped in the ruins of their former glory, a pair of performers bound together and abandoned by time rise up to sing once more.  Conjured up by the song to which it’s set, the film represents a sincere vision of inspiration derived from the music of Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray).

Directed by Brendan Kirschbaum | 05:23 | United States
Backstage, a nervous elephant prepares for his trumpet solo.

A Space In Time
Directed by Alexandre Athané | 13:58 | France
Claire, a little girl, and her grandfather share a dream - seeing a man walk on the moon - and their favorite pastime is playing astronaut. On the night of July 20, 1969, while the whole world is fixated on Neil Armstrong, Claire's thoughts are with her own personal hero...

Directed by Benjamin Ridgway | 01:45 | United States
An elusive point of stillness in a shifting and expanding world.

Directed by Kristen Lauth Shaeffer | 03:10 | United States
Created with hundreds of pencils and hundreds of hands, 349 is a collaborative animated film that explores the idea that we're all imperceptibly connected. A dance performance was videotaped and converted into a series of still frames. 349 different people each redrew one of these frames to represent themselves and someone with whom they have an important connection.