FANTASTIC CINEMA: A Closer Look at Fantasticherie di un Passeggiatore Solitario

This is the third in a series of features looking at the films screening at Fantastic Cinema.


  • FRIDAY, MARCH 13 - 10:00 PM

  • SATURDAY, MARCH 14 - 3:15 PM

  • Fantastic Cinema is only the third festival to screen Fantasticherie di un Passeggiatore Solitario.  At it's previous two festival screenings it won Best Film!


Three characters in three different ages are united by a dream of freedom and a small masterpiece of literature. A journey through the mysterious and timeless aspirations, sufferings and ‘Reveries’ of a poet, of a young student and a child lost in the woods. 


Paolo Gaudio is a director and stop motion animator. He was born in 1981 in Italy, in Cosenza, where he grew up and studied at UNICAL (University of Calabria). In 2003 he graduated in Philosophy, his degree thesis’ title being Timeimagewords. All long inclined towards visual arts, he first focused on illustration and comics, before turning to the much craved cinema. In 2005 he graduated in motion-picture direction at NUCT (New University of Cinema and Television), inside Cinecittà Studios. 
Sticking to his comics influences and enriched by philosophy studies, Gaudio tries for the ambitious challenge to add his own name to the list of Fantasy authors. He has made many short film and videos.

Fantasticherie di un Passeggiatore Solitario marks his feature debut.


  • La Samain du Cinéma Fantastique - Grand Prix du Festival
  • Boston Science Fiction Film Festival - Best World Film
  • Fantastic Cinema marks the film's 3rd screening!

Don’t miss Fantasticherie di un Passeggiatore Solitario at Fantastic Cinema, March 11-14, 2015!

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