FANTASTIC CINEMA: A Closer Look at 54 Days

This is the sixth in a series of features looking at the films screening at Fantastic Cinema.


  • Thursday, March 12 - 7 pm + skype q&A with filmmakers

  • Saturday, March 14 - 1 pm + SKYPE Q&A WITH FILMMAKERS


A well-to-do Sydney party disintegrates into chaos and panic when a bomb goes off forcing 5 friends into a 1960's nuclear shelter. As food and water runs out they are forced to make an impossible decision - either one dies or they all die.


Tim Lea has been screenwriting for 12 years. Whilst his professional background was in Corporate Finance, he used to write every morning , first thing - come rain, shine (or hangovers) writing in cafes close to his historic places of employment. 

This discipline has meant that he has now written 7 full feature screenplays, written and produced 3 shorts, NURSERY CRY’MES, EASY MONEY, 54 DAYS and written 10 short 10 minute plays, most of which have been performed to audiences.

His creative writing voice is that of healthily controversial thrillers – thrillers that seek to challenge the status quo, to make an audience think – and so it is with 54 Days – making you think about the very primal issue that affect us all – survival - and what we will actually do to survive – just ask the gunman who held him up with a gun on his first visit Sydney to Sydney in 1991….

In order to expand his directorial skills, Tim has spent the last two years working closely with theatre actors within the Sydney theatre scene, writing and directing 10 short plays that have been performed, and received well  

54 Days is Tim’s first feature film.


  • Sci-fi film Festival
  • 30 Dies Festival - WINNER- Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Achievement
  • Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema - Winner of 4 Awards - Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Foreign Feature Film, & Grand Jury Prize for Best of Festival


"... a gut-wrenching climax that will make you stop what you're doing" ~ Bruce Kilroy,

A successful experiment in rugged filmmaking.... The production of this film should be an inspiration to indie filmmakers” ~ Levi Anderson, Rogue Cinema   

"A truly gripping bit of work that goes to show just how great cinema is that comes from Oz." ~ Mike Smith, Liberty Voice 

A slick exercise in close-quarters tension” ~ Simon Foster,


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