Good Things/Small Packages - A Night of Micro-Shorts Lineup for June 17 at The Studio Theatre

The FSLR Monthly Short Film Series returns in June with A Night of Microshorts!

Head Programmer Johnnie Brannon says, "We're excited to bring you a great selection of films from all over the world. You'll see everything from Comedy to experimental to animated and even some horror. We'll also feature a nice group of Arkansas made shorts as well. Hope to see everyone there!"

When: Wednesday, June 17, 7:00 pm

Where: The Studio Theatre, 320 W 7th St, Little Rock, AR 72201

Cost: $8

Check out the lineup of 45 Micro-Short Films! 

  • Anxeyety - Directed by Arden Barlow

Student Film (School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) - Six individuals from various cultural backgrounds, gender identities, ages, professions, and levels of social anxiety/disorders are interviewed about their relationships with eye contact.

  • Around the World in 80 Days - Directed by Nick and Lexie Trivundza

The brash, young Jules Verne Jr. has just decided to go around the world in 80 days in order to live up to the books, and their legacy, that have made his name world famous.

  • BIGHORROR - Directed by Maurice Huvelin (France)

A hearse and its cortege are going towards a graveyard. During this killer night, the guests are all sneaky and horrible to each other. The BigFuneral turns into terror.

  • BIGPANIC - Directed by Maurice Huvelin (France)

New York fire chief, Bob, sets out to rescue his beloved caught in the flames of the BigBuilding. Unfortunately, he must face monstrous creatures. They will end up by sharing a steep barbecue.

  • BIGPORN - Directed by Maurice Huvelin (France)

Roko, the porn king, lusts after the BigAward: the famous «Golden Bit». His film set turns into a genuine battlefield of extreme pornography. But like any «X» rated movie, the final act will be sensational.

  • Blood Oath - Directed by Matt Ryan

Cameron is helping Francis move his couch, due to a years old blood oath. A blood oath that might be getting called on too much.

  • Cheese - Directed by Damien Patrik

hree fun loving college girls and a camera. Say Cheese!

  • Dinner Date - Directed by Danny Cotton (United Kingdom)

Young lady in red, prepares for another date, but all is not what it seems.

  • Downfail - Directed by Josemari Martínez (Spain)

A pair of lovers…

  • Epoch - Directed by Arón Holden (United Kingdom)

Student Film (Goldsmiths, University of London) - This little film embodies the inhibitions that we all encounter. It tells the tale of an artist struggling to paint a self portrait, though she can't face the sight of herself. She overcomes this dilemma by facing herself in a mirror and then blocks out her superficial exterior. This gives her the courage to express her true self. 

  • Exposé - Directed by Ronja Jansz

Student Film (Santa Monica College) - Leo and Caitlin have been married for 26 years and their marriage has lost its spark. Their life seems to have settled down to an everyday ordinary routine - but has it really? When Caitlin discovers a pair of unfamiliar knickers in the laundry basket, she sets out to unveil the truth and discovers an unknown side of Leo.

  • Fields - Directed by Cody Harris (Made in Arkansas)

Student Film (University of Central Arkansas) - A boy goes in search of his sister only to find a terrible secret.

  • Go To The Ball With Me, Jenny - Directed Cole Borgstadt (Made in Arkansas)

Student Film (Fayetteville High School) - A quirky sixteen year old boy makes this video for a cute girl in his Language Arts class to ask her to their school's Winter Ball.

  • Greetings from Coney Island - Directed by Adrian Alonso Cordoni (Argentina)

Take a ride down the road of memories.

  • Homefront - Directed by Eric White (Made in Arkansas)

A couple must question their safety as an impending military force threatens their very way of life.

  • How To: The IKEA Way! - Directed by David Howard

Student Film (Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta) - A humorous insight into Swedish furniture assembly featuring the stars of every instruction manual.

  • Isolated - Directed by Whitney Butler (Made in Arkansas)

Student Film (Bryant High School) - A young girl is trapped inside a shed by an unknown captor and tries to escape, while the metaphor of being trapped by her memories and peers haunts her more than the captor.

  • La période d’or - Directed by Aasha Sriram

Student Film (Savannah College of Art and Design) - The great friendship of two flowers endures as the magic of nature reveals itself.

  • Last Bus After Midnight - Directed by Andreas K. Nilsen (Norway)

Two girls take a bus ride home. While taking selfie pictures they discover someone sitting behind them, getting closer.

  • Lawn Duel - Directed by John Aspinwall 

A simple game of "keep your trash off of my lawn" escalates into a western showdown between two suburban men.

  • Love-Life-Lost - Directed by Kameron Lunon  (Made in Arkansas)

Student Film (University of Central Arkansas) - A man's love life isn't the only thing lost when his relationship goes south.

  • Miraculum - Directed by Ross Macartney (Made in Arkansas)

A boy suffers an accident and journeys to a mysterious realm.

  • Monotony Broken - Directed by JC Cocker (Made in Arkansas)

Unsatisfied with life as she lives it, a young lady finds herself caught in the headlights of a stranger and chooses to turn it into a vivid life experience. 

  • My Mind’s A Trap - Directed by Elijah Kennedy

Student Film (Virginia Commonwealth University) - A stop motion interpretation of the first stanza of Stephen Benét's poem, "Difference," this piece employs a multi-plane animation table to illustrate the colorful geography of the mind.

  • Not Today - Directed by Charles Yeager (Made in Arkansas)

Overconfidence & Luck meet in a final shoot out.

  • Now You See Me - Directed by Kelly Griffin (Made in Arkansas)

A lonely janitor finally gets to tell the girl of his dreams how he feels.

  • Persistence Vs. Procrastination - Directed by Nathan Ginter

Student Film (Portage Public High School) - With homework to be done, a brutal battle between Persistence and Procrastination ensues.

  • Red Onions - Directed by Simon Ryninks (United Kingdom)

Failed writer Ryan is a man on the edge. Alone and broke, with an estranged wife and mounting debt, he attempts to earn some quick cash by agreeing to pen a short story for a magazine.

  • Rocked Out - Directed by Brandon McCaughan (Made in Arkansas)

Student Film (University of Central Arkansas) - The story of one man's struggle to make it to work on time despite having locked his keys in side of his car. Just how far will he go to make it the that 9:00am meeting?

  • Round Trip - Directed by David Gruwier (Denmark)

Student Film (3D College Denmark) - What does a toy train dream of?

  • Seriously Dead Silence - Directed by Sara Koppel (Denmark)

A one minute moment of 60 endangered species.

  • She was (Lei era) - Directed by Carlo Galbiati (Italy)

If you can't be yourself, you're nobody. 

  • Smile - Directed by Tom Chimiak (United Kingdom)

A story and message tackling self-doubt on the road to happiness. It's not always so easy to smile.

  • Spooktacular: An Animated Alphabet - Directed by Adam Osgood

An animated ABC book of freaks, spooks, and scares to celebrate Halloween.

  • Status Change - Directed by Rajesh Naroth 

A woman's private life spills into social media, under violent circumstances.

  • Still Here - Directed by Brooklyn Nicole Alexander (Made in Arkansas)

Student Film (University of Central Arkansas) - On the day of her mother's funeral, Claire's father won't look at her. She comes to realize it's because she looks so much like her mother as a young girl.

  • Teller Visions - Directed by Christi Seatts (Made in Arkansas)

A documentary about a therapeutic retreat for recovering fortune tellers.

  • The Joke - Directed by Prentice Dupins (Made in Arkansas)

Student Film (University of Central Arkansas) - Two college roommates battle it out with pranks that go a bit too far. Watch Monty and Nate as the simple acts of eating a snack and preparing for school turn into World War III. 

  • The Little Door - Directed by Ashley Matt

A young woman is intrigued by a small door that she has spotted in a library. In describing the door the young woman is pulled in to her own imagination, speculating on where the door may lead or what may be behind it.

  • The Survivor - Directed by Ahmad Mokari (Iran)

A man lives in such a conflict oriented world he created his own world in spite of hopelessness and naught.

  • To Amuse Oneself - Directed by Yukihiro Sakaguchi (Japan)
  • Toned! - Directed by Al Topich (Made in Arkansas)

Student (University of Central Arkansas) - Two overly confident exercise enthusiasts turns their gym into a living hell for everyone else.

  • Tuck Me In - Directed by Ignacio F. Rodó (Spain)

Alex asks his father to tuck him in, but that's not the only thing he asks for.

  • Twice Daily Crucifix  - Directed by Erik Sternberger 

A pharmaceutical commercial parody to help you with your demonic possession.

  • We Feel - Directed by Olivier Lallart & Jimmy Hautecloche (France)

Billions of SMS exchanged every day. One single man to deliver them all!