Red Octopus Presents A Night of Comedy Shorts Lineup for May 20, 2015 at The Studio Theatre

When the Film Society of Little Rock asked Red Octopus Theater if they would program and host a night of comedy short films, Red Octopus asked "How much do we get paid? Nothing? Okay, we'll do it!" And so was born the Night of Comedy Shorts (working title) which received over 150 submissions from all of the world. Of those, only about 100 were technically "comedies" because some filmmakers across the globe don't read English that well and/or do not know what comedy actually is. From those 100 "comedies", Red Octopus chose the funniest, strangest and weirdest of the bunch. Why did they choose these films? That's none of your business. But you won't want to miss the eclectic night of humor flicks from near (Fayetteville, AR) and far (St. Kilda, Australia). We promise you'll laugh and probably cringe, like we did. So join Red Octopus and FSLR for what is sure to be a memorable few hours!

When: Wednesday, May 20, 7:00 pm

WhereThe Studio Theatre, 320 W 7th St, Little Rock, AR 72201

Cost: $5


Check out the lineup of 21 Short Films!                                                        

Beatniks, Directed by Mick Cusimano

An animated look at Beatniks in 1959

Breathe, Bitch!, Directed by Shanna Micko

When a woman sits down for a peaceful meditation, her mind really fucks with her.

Casting Session, Directed by Calum Bob Weir (United Kingdom)

"Brothers David and Neil Bratchpiece take sibling rivalry to new and unsettling levels in order to win the lead in a theatre production.”

Coffee, Directed by Kevin McNulty

The "true" story of the lives affected by America's addition to coffee.’  "Coffee" is a satirical look at consumerism and how most people don't really care where their products come from as long as they work, are cheap or taste good. This film looks at one such product; coffee.

Devil May Care, Directed by Volker Heymann (Germany)

The USA is easily willing to solve political conflicts by military means. But when their own people are threatened by increasing weather disasters like Katrina, no effort is made to change that. Global warming is being driven further on. This is the statement of this ironical music clip.

Directors on Directing, Directed by Damien Patrik

Pompous film directors, dancing nuns, nudity and gore… Who could ask for anything more? 3 successful film makers explain the REAL secrets to success.

Emo: The Musical, Directed by Neil Triffett (Australia)

When Ethan, an Emo kid who hates almost everything, falls in love with Trinity, a good Christian girl with a passion for life and her Lord Jesus Christ, will it all end in tears or will they be able to live happily ever after?

Fashion Week: Jan & Jann, Directed by Jules Taylor & Mark Landon Smith (ARKANSAS)

European fashion designers Jan & Jann give us a window into their design process.

Gangland: Book Clubs, Directed by Joe Heslinga & Mike Wagstaffe

The Lit Ladies are one of the most notorious book clubs in the United States of America. With an insatiable craving for literature and academic discussion, these fierce mothers and housewives will stop at nothing to be the most powerful book club in the country.

Knights of the Long Table, Directed by Andrew Burlinson

King Arthur brings a glimmer of hope -- and a keen sense of design -- to a war torn kingdom.

The Low Road, Baby, Directed by Mark Roeder

A custody battle gets out of hand on a highway overpass in roaring traffic.

Metube: August Sings Carmen Habanera, Directed by Daniel Moshel (Austria)

MeTube, a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet, has attracted international attention. No less than George Bizet’s Habanera from “Carmen” has been reinterpreted for MeTube and enhanced with electronic sounds. Behind the cross-over of musical styles are director Daniel Moshel as well as opera and oratorio tenor August Schram.

Not Funny!, Directed by Katharina Woll (Germany)

Homophobia is not funny, everything else is!

The Platinum Plan, Directed by Chris Pickenpaugh

"An incident.  A policy.  A strange, seductive option...  When Type-A Tamara experiences a bump in the road, it may be time to re-evaluate her afterlife insurance.

Switch Man, Directed by Hsun-Chun Chuang & Shao-Kuei Tong (Taiwan)

In a normal quiet Sunday, Dr. Evil Mantis attacked K-City unexpectedly with his gigantic claw,putting an the entire city in panic and danger.  At a very critical moment, one young man stood out and fought the Dr. Evil Mantis.  This is the moment the hidden superhero, and his secret power, is about to turn this chaos upside down.  The Legend is about to begin...

That Bitch Becky, Directed by Rebecca Rochon (Canada)

Becky, a socially desperate wasp, hosts a party in a transparent attempt to heighten her social status. Unfortunately the party spirals out of control and doesn’t go quite as planned.

That's Not Mine, Directed by John Tuccillo Jr

A teen is interrogated by his parents about a bag of pot found in the house, only to realize that it belongs to his father.

Tinder In Real Life, Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez

Our brave leading lady wanders into the tech start-up Tinder In Real Life. Will “Swiping Left” lead to Mr. Right??

Toned!, Directed by Al Topich (ARKANSAS)

Two overly confident exercise enthusiasts turns their gym into a living hell for everyone else.

The Trials of Clete Pruitt, Directed by Denny Dirksen

"Dumped by the woman of his dreams, a pool maintenance man rises from the ashes of despair to take on a higher calling.

Wacky Robot, Directed by Steve Stark

A nerd discovers his robot butler has a sexy secret.