Splitting Maul, Directed by Trenton Mynatt

Splitting Maul, Directed by Trenton Mynatt

Official Selections for FRESH FLIX - A NIGHT OF STUDENT SHORT FILMS, the next edition of Monday Night Shorts at The Joint, have been announced!

The screening will take place on Monday, September 26 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at The Joint Theater and Coffeehouse (301 Main St, North Little Rock, AR).  Tickets are $8 in advance or you can purchase in advance via Eventbrite.

The 19 films screening at FRESH FLIX are:

  • A Bumpy Ride, Directed by Chang Shu

A small girl tries to get onto a roller coaster with a height requirement.

Ringling College or Art and Design, Sarasota, FL

  • A Little Love Goes A Long Clay, Directed by Juliet Buckholt

This video was made as a school project about stopping social media bullying. The video uses Claymation to tell the story of a teen who had a bad experience with cyber bullying and encourage the viewer to use social media for love rather than hate. The main character is left nameless and gender-neutral for two reasons - to make the character relatable and to use the character as a symbol of the way cyber bullying can happen to anyone and isn’t partial to a certain kind of person.

Ridgeland High School, Ridgeland, MS

  • Changing Cars, Directed by Jack Campise

A young man attempts to find his place in the world while constantly facing rejection.

Upper Arlington High School, Arlington, OH

  • Cracked, Directed by James Wood

A not so common BUT TRUE story about the death of one of the most iconic fairytale characters of all time.

University of Central Arkansas

  • Crossfire, Directed by Catherine Bobaleck

Crossfire is the story of Tom and Sylvia, a young couple struggling during the Great Depression. Tom, in a last ditch effort to end their financial trouble, goes to the bank to withdraw the last of their money. While in the bank, Tom finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery and is forced to face some hard truths about his marriage.

Savannah College of Dramatic Art, Savannah, GA

  • HOV, Directed by Gabrielle Piemonte

The story of a girl, her car, and the people in her passenger seat.

Ursuline Academy of Dallas/Uplift North Hills, TX

  • In The Woods, Directed by Grace Martin

In The Woods explores the ties that bind a brother and sister as well as the struggles that pull them apart.

University of Central Arkansas

  • Incredible, Directed by Scott Carlson

A lesbian couple engages in an argument rooted in insecurity. A dark truth is revealed, leading to painful consequences.

Trevor Day School, NY NY

  • Nighttime, Directed by Sophie Barnes

A house party welcomes new experiences for two separate and similar girls: one alone, one with a partner.

Little Rock Central High School, AR

  • Pressure, Directed by Lily Yu

An exploration of the daily stress of a teenage girl.

Bay area Video Coalition, San Fransico, CA

  • Sand Castle, Directed by Salome Hevin

Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh United Kingdom

  • Short, Directed by Mason Thompson

A student filmmaker scrambles to save his project. But is it a project worth saving?

University of Central Arkansas

  • Splitting Maul, Directed by Trenton Mynatt

Red struggles to raise his son right in the harsh Western frontier, but when a group of outlaws arrive at his doorstep and brings family history with them, Red is left with a choice to be the hero his son needs or to be a craven.

University of New Orleans

  • The Journey, Directed by Puthima Wongdeeprasith

“The Journey” is a 2D Motion Graphics. The story is based on the artist’s life when she lost her luggage traveling between continents. In the film, a young boy is the narrator. And the main character is actually the luggage, who enjoys the unexpected adventures he encounters on the trip. 

School of Visual Arts, NY NY

  • The Last Stop, Directed by Michael Stout

Knowing this could be their last stop, tension rises amongst three teenagers on an orphan train ride from New York to Arkansas.

University of Central Arkansas

  • Us Against The World, Directed by Andrea Kuehnel

JOHN, a prison guard on death row is speechless when he realizes that the prisoner, who is scheduled to be executed in a few hours, is none other than his old childhood friend, FRANK. The two of them share a difficult moment over Frank’s last meal while their childhood memories vividly come back to life. But reality catches up with them when the clock strikes the final hour and the execution team enters to carry out the inescapable task.

University of New Orleans

  • Vicious Words, Directed by Hayley Dickinson

The Narrative Music Video/Short Film for Vicious Words by Chris Tye, and Directed by Hayley Dickinson. We watch a young artist named Anna, and how we meet her at a point in her life as she faces self conflict. She reaches a turning point through being brave and that's the most important thing she could possibly do. This film/narrative music video is about understanding personal conflicts, milestones and learning how our decisions impact upon the people around us.

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, England.

  • Vote for Carley, Directed by Tanner Smith

A high-schooler gets revenge after his friends' bullying of a classmate goes too far.

University of Central Arkansas

  • What’s A Woman Suppose To Look Like?, Directed by Janelle Kung

A personal look at the stress felt about body image. 

Bay Area Video Coalition, San Fransisco, CA